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  • JoAn C Hertlein

    I am looking forward to this new site.

  • uti blanchard

    I`m looking forward to find out more about your website.

  • Bobby

    a web site you would like check it out.

  • Kathy Napier

    I’m so happy to have found this site.

  • Joseph Gannon

    Is there a list of LDS Business Owners on a website somewhere. I’ve put together a discount card program, and I’d like to invite as many LDS Small Business Owners as well participate, as I’m also putting together a fund for Return LDS Missionaries that will be funded by card sales online. Please let me know how I can locate them.

    Joseph Gannon

  • Diane Rose

    Awesome! What a great resource.

  • Chris


  • Ken Hedgecock

    Here’s another for your list. Done by a convert to the church (40 years) who used to be a Baptist Pastor. He teaches LDS Doctrine to protestants using the Bible. Excellent!

  • Paul Provost

    Happy to have this new LDS Site ~

    • admin

      Glad you are excited about our new site!

  • William Velasco

    I just want to say thank you for your hard work and your great talents to bring this to all the world. I always talk to my friends about the Gospel and the Message the Lorrd Came to Share with all the world.
    Thank you once again.
    Sincerely, William Velasco.

  • Debbra Walter

    Thank you for the links provided above.

  • Lihu Wright

    Looking forward to the new site

  • Vanda carol emmick

    Great new site